The new BnC team kit is being sold on a pre-order basis. Here are the details.

How does this work?
You decide what you want, buy it through the online shop, then go off and ride your bike while you wait for it to show up.

How long will that take?
Who knows! Pre-orders close on January 2, 2017, and then production begins. We hope to have orders in the mail by mid February.

Who's making it?
Cuore. It's high quality kit, hence the price. Well worth it though, as we've opted for the advanced chamois. No one likes numb bits.

We'll ship within Australia through Australia Post, which usually takes about a week to arrive. Alternatively, if you're in Hobart and enter a commercial shipping address, your order will be hand delivered to your workplace by the awesome team at SHIFTER CARGO.

International orders.
Not this time, sorry. Unfortunately it's too complex to have pre-priced shipping, and we've had issues in the past with stuff going missing.

Returns, refunds, exchanges, cock-ups?
Get it right the first time! We'll order what you buy, no more and no less. So double check your sizing.

More questions?

Note: The images on this site are pre-proof mock-ups, and the final product may differ slightly from what's shown.